Following an initial, no-cost, one-hour consultation, I will provide a design proposal and quote tailored to your needs and budget.

The next steps depend on the service chosen, but could include the following:


Step 1: I recommend that a professional surveyor is brought in to draw a detailed site survey, from which the new garden plans can be drawn. I will then visit the site at least once more to conduct a site appraisal (several visits may be necessary).

Step 2: The design of your new garden starts with the creation of moodboards. These help to refine initial ideas and often inspire people to open up to designs, styles or plants that they hadn’t previously considered.

Step 3: The full garden plan includes a fully labelled Master Layout Plan, which shows the location of lawns, borders, water features, structures, dining terrace, and so on. Three-dimensional images of the plan are also generated to help you visualise your new garden.

Step 4: If designed borders are included in your garden plan, you’ll receive a full planting plan, complete with three-dimensional drawings, giving the details, locations and quantities of the proposed plants.

Step 5: Construction drawings and documents detailing products, materials and other design specifications, can be generated to enable the landscaper to accurately build the garden.


The steps will be similar to the full garden design. However, some steps, such as the full site survey, may not be necessary depending on the specifics of the project.


This includes a site appraisal, creation of moodboards and full planting plans as described in steps 1, 2 and 4 of the 'Full Garden Design'.

I can also:

  • order plants
  • be on site to receive the delivery
  • provide planting instructions
  • be involved in the setting out and planting itself


I’ll make one or two visits to your garden to gather information and produce your report. See ‘services’ for more details of what a new home consultation report might include.


The cost of a project will obviously vary dramatically with the size of the plot, the chosen service and the level of finish being sought. In addition to the cost of the design service itself, the cost of the garden build and materials also needs to be considered and I strive to tailor my designs to meet different budgets.

However, I always encourage clients not to underestimate the importance of their gardens and remind them that a well-designed garden will be used more and provide more functions than most of the rooms in their house and should be budgeted for as such. Your garden is somewhere to dine, to relax, to entertain and to play. It is somewhere for your children to explore and learn. It is a haven for your family, your pets and for wildlife. A well-designed garden can also increase the value and saleability of your house.