I cater for a wide range of client needs. We can identify and discuss the service that precisely suits your situation during a no-cost, one-hour consultation, during which I will study your garden and review your aspirations.

After our meeting I will create a Design Proposal, which includes an outline of your requirements, details of my planned approach, timetable for completing design and the quotation.


Perfect for new-build homes with an empty garden or for older homes where the garden is not meeting your aspirations.

Using a scaled survey, I will design the new garden to meet your requirements as identified during the consultation. The site situation, soil and topography will also be considered, as will the architectural features of the house and aspects of the wider landscape.

Detailed, fully labelled plans of the proposed design will be produced along with 3D visuals of the design and detailed planting plans where applicable.


It is usually preferable to design the whole space so that it 'hangs together' coherently but sometimes this is not possible, practical or necessary.

You may want to refresh a tired garden to add value to your property or your family circumstances may have changed. Some aspects of your garden may therefore need to change in response (for example, improve access to cater for a disability or re-purpose an unused children's play area).

The design process is usually the same as for a full garden design.


Sometimes, you may be content with the layout of your garden but need help with a border that is not thriving. Or you may have spent years collecting random plants which have led to an erratic, unplanned look.

I can create a planting plan for some or all of your borders in an appropriate style and colour-scheme for the existing garden.


This is primarily aimed at clients who have moved into a home where the garden has been designed for previous owners. The space may not work for your family or perhaps you're simply unsure of the identity of all of the plants or how to look after them. Your report will include any or all of the following:

Site appraisal and design consultation report: This will answer questions such as: What are the key features of the space (e.g. light levels and soil conditions)? Does the space work for all that use it? What works? What doesn't? What can be fixed easily? What needs a longer-term or more complex solution?

Plant inventory: This will give the name, location and condition of plants and trees in the garden. Where needed, I recommend interventions such as whether plants need pruning or should be moved to a new location. Ideally, I conduct the inventory in early summer when most plants are visible and identifiable.

Plant care schedule: Month-by-month and plant-by-plant care instructions for your garden.